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Import content

The following rules apply to the formatting options for Find and Replace:

  • If the Character radio button is set in the Import Rule Properties, then the paragraph settings are not checked.
  • If any of the Paragraph or Bullets and Numbering settings are changed from their defaults, then all of the settings are checked as a group against the file being imported. For example, if the only setting you change is "Left Indentation" to 0.4 inch, then the rule will only match paragraphs that have a left indentation of 0.4, a right indentation of 0, first line indentation of 0, and before spacing of 0.
  • A line spacing of 1 or 2 cannot be distinguished from each other. This means that if you set your rule to check for a line spacing of 2 lines, then a match will be found if the paragraph has a line spacing of 1 or a line spacing of 2.