Select the file to import

Import content

The Import Wizard can import many files and merge them into one book. When importing files into your library, the procedure is to use the Files to temporarily store the files in your Documents folder, and then use Author to complete the importing process.

Documents folder in File Manager

To select files to import:

  1. In the Select the file to Import window, browse to your X drive, which is labeled "[Library] User (X:)".

    Note: Selecting the X drive opens your Documents folder.

  2. Open the folder containing the file, and then select your file. Click Open to begin the import process, and then follow the prompts in the Import Wizard.

Selecting File to Import

Note: The Import Wizard uses the default profile to import your document. To choose a different profile, select Back.

Once Author has finished analyzing your document, the Topic Structure Wizard opens.