Find & replace rules

Import content

Find and Replace rules search for a combination of text and formatting, and replaces it with text (or no text) and/or Author-it character or paragraph styles. The Import Wizard processes these rules in the order specified in the Profile, which then affects what the following find and replace rules can find. They can also affect what the formatting rules can find.

These rules are ideal for removing empty paragraphs, or replacing a frequently used chunk of text with a variable value.

Rules - Find and Replace

  • Find what: Defines the text to be found. Find supports the following special characters:


Paragraph character


Tab character


Em dash


En dash


^ character

  • Formatting: Determines if the rule searches for character or paragraph formatting, the name of the style (optional) to be found, and any additional formatting.
  • Match Case: Determines if the text to be found must have the same case (CAPITALS, Title Case, Sentence case, lower case) as the text you typed.
  • Whole Word: Determines if the text to be found is restricted to a whole word (not part of a word). You will usually leave this check box blank so that you can type in a word and find most variations of it - for example, if you type "author", you could also find "authors" and "authoring".
  • Replace with: Defines the text you want to replace the original text with.
  • Paragraph style: Defines the paragraph style you want to replace the original formatting with.