Style mapping rules

Import content

Style Mapping Rules fall into two categories:

  • Rules that specify only character formatting or styles.
  • Rules that specify paragraph and character formatting or styles.

With HTML imports, you can specify HTML tags instead of style names.

There are two default rules included in the formatting rules for style names. These are:

  • (Match Name): Set for both the style being looked for, and the Author-it style to be mapped to. It applies to both paragraph and character styles. This rule tells the Import Wizard to look for styles in your document with matching names (not case sensitive) and to apply those rules.
  • (Default): This is the fallback position, and it applies to both character and paragraph styles. If no style could be mapped for the style, this defines which Author-it style should be applied as default.

Style Mapping Rule

  • Look for formatting: Determines the type of formatting to look for (character or paragraph), the style name (optional), and any additional formatting. The style property supports pattern matching.
  • Map to Author-it style: Determines the corresponding Author-it style that the style found will be mapped to.