Breaking image links Word to embed the images using Word 2010

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This procedure explains how to break links for linked images in a Word 2010 document, so that the images become embedded in the Word document.

It can be applied after a Word document is published from Author-it content, and users decide to embed rather than link the images.

Caution: Best practice is to link rather than embed images. The Embed Linked Images procedure will cause any image scaling in Author-it to be lost in the Word document, and images will import at their original 100% size. An alternative embedding procedure is to use the AfterPublish Macro to Embed Linked Images in the Document before importing.

Note: This macro is not available for use in Author-it Cloud.

Requirement: Your document must actually have linked images

This utility is only available when the currently open document actually contains linked images. If you open a blank document for example, you will not find this utility.

To break image links to embed those images in a Microsoft Word 2010 document:

  1. Open the Word doc with the linked images.
  2. From the File menu choose Info.

    This screen is divided into two main parts. On the right is information about the document.
    At the bottom of this section is a small heading Related Documents, and the Edit Links to Files hyperlink is below that.

  3. Click Edit Links to Files to display the Links dialog:


  4. Select the linked images from the list and then click Break Link.