Standard, primary, & variant objects

Object Variants

These terms are commonly used when referring to variants and objects:

  • A standard object: Any object without variants (or variant criteria assigned). When a book is filtered, it displays the standard objects as usual, along with any variants.

    Note: When you create a variant, the standard object becomes a primary object.

  • A primary object: Any object that has one or more variants. The primary object maintains the relationship between a book and variant object. When a book is filtered, the primary object is replaced with the variant matching the selected criteria. If the primary object does not have a variant that matches the selected criteria then the primary object displays.

  • A variant object: A variation of a primary. A new variant object is created as a copy of the primary object. It is a unique object so its content can be changed without affecting the primary object or any other variant objects. Alternatively, create a relationship between existing objects by making one object a variant of the other.