Filter a book with custom filter criteria

Object Variants

When you first open a book it displays the standard objects that are common to all variations of the document (and do not have any variants), and the primary objects (where variants are created for different variations of the document).

You can use the book's variant filter to select criteria values for a specific variation of the document.

  • Open the book and go to Edit > Variants > Filter.

    • If you have created a Favorite filter you can click the filter name in the list.


    • Click Custom to open the Select Filter Criteria window and add the criteria values.

  1. Click the value in the Available Criteria pane

  2. Click the move arrow. This adds the valued to the Associated Criteria pane.

  3. Click OK to apply the filtering and close the window.

When the book has been filtered, the values applied to the book are shown at the base of the Editor with the Filter icon.

Selecting Criteria Values for Filering a Folder

When a book is filtered:

  • Author locates any variants matching the criteria selection, then substitutes the primary object with the variant (identified by the variant object icon).

    Depending on the variant criteria used in the filter, there may be situations in which more than one object could be displayed in the book. If this happens, Author uses the priority setting assigned to the criteria to decide which object is used.

  • If no variants are found matching the criteria set in the filter, the primary object remains in the book (identified by the primary object icon).

  • Standard objects always remain in the book because they have no variants. Standard objects are displayed with their regular object icon only (such as the topic icon).