Create a variant of an object

Object Variants

When you create a variant object, Author-it copies the content from the "source" object to the variant object. You can then open the object and make your modifications, including the title or description as required. You can create variants from standard and primary objects, or from another variant object.

You can also create a new variant object from the object list in Contribute.

Note: When you create a new variant object, it appears in the same folder as the parent object.

  1. Select the object in the Library Explorer object list.

  2. In the ribbon, click Author > Variants > New.

  3. Select the criteria that you want to assign to the variant, and then click the arrow to move each value to the Associated Criteria list.

    Select Criteria Value

    As values are assigned, they move from the Available Criteria to the Associated Criteria panes. You can add multiple values from a multi select variant (has blue header text) or a single value from a single select variant (has black header text).

    Criteria Value Selected

  4. Click OK.

You can also create a variant object while working in a book.