Filter locale & other variant objects in Author folders

Object Variants

Locale and Non-locale variant objects

Author-it has two kinds of variant objects:

  • Locale variants: Are created for managing content translation by using Localize.

  • Non-locale variants: Are used for all other variant content, such as differences between products, releases.

Variant objects are displayed in the same folder as their primary objects. However, if you are using Localize to manage the translation process for your content, you may need to filter the variants to show only selected locales, rather than all variant objects.

  1. Select the locale from Author > Variants > Filter.

  2. Select the non-locale criteria values from your favorite filters or by using the Custom window.

Options in the folder filter

A filter has been added to the Author tab so you can control how variants are displayed in your folder lists. The filter button is orange when content has been filtered; when no filtering is applied, the filter button is blue.

Select CA in the Book's Publishing Filter

You can use one of these options:

  1. Select Show all objects - Displays all objects in the folder. Also, use this option to clear a filter that has been applied to the folder.

  2. Select Show primary objects - Ordinary, primary, and ordinary objects that have variant criteria values assigned are displayed. Variant objects are not displayed.

  3. Select a favorite filter. Favorite filters are your pre-saved selections of filter criteria values.

  4. Select one or more locale options - Display the primary object and variants used for localized content for the selected locales. Ordinary objects are also displayed.

  5. Select Custom to open the Select Filter Criteria window.

Folder Filter