Create variant criteria for software releases

Object Variants

Creating the variant criteria for a software release is similar to creating any other variant criteria, except that you define a structure for the values in order to create a fall-back path for publishing.

Variant criteria are created in Author-it Administrator in the Manage Variables window.

  • To create the variant criteria values with a fall-back path:

  1. Open your library using Author-it Administrator.

  2. Go to Variables > Maintain Variables from the main menu. The Variables window opens.

  3. Click Add in the variables window.

  4. In the variable window:

    • Give the variable a name.

    • Change the type to List of Values.

    • Select the check box to convert the variable to variant criteria.

    • Select a Priority rating. This cannot be the same as any other variant criteria.

  5. Click the ellipsis button next to the value field.

  6. Click Add, then type your value, and repeat the process for each value using the Promote and Demote buttons to create the fall-back structure.

    Fall-back Paths

  7. Save the changes.