Filtering variants

Object Variants

Filtering is used in Author by the book filter, in Author and Contribute by the publishing job filter, in Review by the Review form, and in Localize by the Translation Job form.

When you are filtering variants, an exact match occurs when an object is found with variant criteria values that are an exact match for the values in the filter.

When you are filtering the book, the results are based on the following:

  • Is there a variant with an exact match for the selected values?

    If there is a variant with the exact values, then this object will be used. Otherwise the primary object or another variant object will be used (based on the criteria values that can be matched).

  • What priority rating has been assigned to the variant criteria?

    A conflict occurs when more than one variant is found that could match the selected variant values. To resolve the conflict, the variant criteria with the highest priority rating is given precedence.

  • Do the variant criteria values use a flat structure or a hierarchical structure?

    When an exact match is not found, the structure in the List of Values for the variant criteria determines how other objects are checked. When the variant criteria values use a flat structure, the primary object may be used as an alternative. When a hierarchical structure has been used, then the values at each level are checked to see if any other variant objects in the group meet the requirements.

The filter button does not work on a list of search results.