Filter locale variant objects in Contribute folders

Object Variants

Variant objects are displayed in the same folder as their primary objects. However, if you use Localize to manage the translation process for your content, you may need to filter the variants to show only selected locales rather than all variant objects.

Using the Object list filter

Author-it has a filter on the Options page so you can control how variants are displayed in your folder lists. You can use one of these options:

  • Select no locale options - Display all variant objects in the Library (that is, any variants used for localizing content and any variants created for non-localized content).

  • Select all locale options - Display all variants used for localized content only.

  • Select specific locale options - Display variants for one or several selected locales only.

The Options page displays the list of language (locale) variants used in the Library. Select one or more languages to display the variant objects in the same folder as their primary objects; alternatively, select all languages, or select no languages.

Important: If you are using Localize, you will see only ordinary variants (that is, variants not used for localization) if no languages are selected in the list.

The show and hide variant settings are defined for each user.

  • To filter variant objects in the folder object lists:

  1. Open the Options page in Contribute and scroll to the Object Lists section.


  2. Check the languages for the variants that you want shown in the Folder Object list, and then save the changes by clicking the Save button at the end of the Options page.