Create variants from the object history

Object Variants

Use the variant functionality to retrospectively create variants for historical versions of an object. Use this method if you have already updated a topic's content but now want to go back and recover each change to the content making the different versions of the object available for publishing.

The selected topic is converted to a primary object and always shows the "earliest" version of the content you are going to work with for your content. Like normal variant usage, the variant objects show the "newer" variations of the content.

  • To use history records to create variant objects:

  1. Open the folder containing the topic you want to update.

  2. Select the topic, then right-click and select Variant > New Variant.

  3. Assign the release criteria value to the variant object.

    The selected topic is converted to a primary topic.

  4. Select the primary topic, then from the shortcut menu, click History.

  5. From the History window, select the history record and click Compare to show the History Compare window.

  6. Make sure you have selected the correct modification record. Window 1 shows the history record you will revert to, window 2 shows the current content. Use the selector buttons at the right of the header bar in window 1 to move between the history records.

    History Compare Window

  7. Click Revert and accept the message prompt. The content in the primary topic reverts to the selected history record.