Create a new filter based on an existing filter

Object Variants

Create a new filter based on an existing filter, or modify an existing filter's name

You can quickly create a new filter by basing it on an existing filter. You can use the same method to rename a filter. In this procedure, you'll create a new filter and rename it. You can then delete the original filter if it is no longer needed.

Important: You must rename the filter so that your changes don't overwrite an existing filter. When you rename the filter, no confirmation message opens. This is because the filter name has been changed and the action causes a new filter to be created.

  1. Open the Select Filter Criteria window:

    • From the Library Explorer, go to Author > Variants > Filter > Custom...

    • From the book, go to Edit > Variants > Filter > Custom...

  2. In the Favorites drop-down list, select the filter.

  3. Make the modifications to the filter's criteria values.

  4. Modify the filter's name.

  5. With the cursor in the Favorites field, press Enter on the keyboard to save the new filter.

  6. Click OK to close the Select Filter Criteria window.