Create a favorite variant filter

Object Variants

You can use variant filters to quickly reapply the criteria values you use most often. Using a favorite filter saves time because you don't have to select the values each time you want to filter. Using a favorite filter also ensures accuracy when reapplying values because you don't risk selecting an incorrect value.

Variant filters can be created from the Library Explorer or book. Once created, you can use the filters in both the Library Explorer and the book. You access the filters from the Filter menu list and from the Favorites drop-down list in the Select Filter Criteria window.

Note: You cannot select Locale variant values in the Select Filter Criteria window. You must select them from the filter menu.

  1. Open the Select Filter Criteria window:

    • From the Library Explorer, go to Author > Variants > Filter > Custom...

    • From the book, go to Edit > Variants > Filter > Custom...

  2. In the Favorites field, type the name for your filter.

  3. In the Available Criteria pane, select the values for the filter. Click the arrow button after each selection to move the value to the Associated Criteria pane. Author-it saves the values in the Associated Criteria pane to the filter.

  4. To save the filter, ensure that the cursor is in the Favorites field, and then press Enter on the keyboard.

    Note: When you press Enter, the filter name is removed from the Favorites field and is added to the Favorites drop-down list. It is also added to the Filter menu lists in the Library Explorer and the book.

    Create Variant Filter

  5. Click OK apply the filtering and to close the window.