Variant search options

Object Variants

The search options in Author enable you to select one value for each variant criteria. The variant filter for searching is used in the main Search pane, the Quick Search window, and the New Variant, Edit Variant, and Convert to Variant windows.

Variant objects with multiple values

When you create variants you can use the multi select variant criteria to assign several values to the variant object. For example, a guide has some content that applies to specific states and some topics that are relevant to several states. The topics that are relevant to several states have had variant criteria values for each of the states assigned (for example, the topics are used for guides in California and New York and Nevada).

Searching for single select and multi select variants

When using the search options, you'll look for objects relevant to a specific variation of your content, for example, California or New York. Although variant objects can have multiple values assigned, you cannot include more than one value from each variant criteria group, so you cannot search for both California and New York.

To check for both options (California and New York) you would need to change the variant criteria value and repeat the search: Search for California and then set up the search again to look for New York.

Selecting variant values for your search

The variant values appear in the search pane when you click the ellipses button next to the Variant field in the search options. Then select the value from the criteria group and click the arrow to add the value to the Associated Criteria group. Continue to add values from other groups until you have all the required values for searching, and then click OK.

Once you have selected values for searching, that value or group of values appears in the drop-down list in the search pane and can be reused during your current session.

Searching for Variants