Remove the association between a variant & its primary object

Object Variants

There is an association, or link, between the primary object (1) and the variant object (2) or objects. The primary object provides the association between the book and the variant. When the link is broken, the variant object no longer has an association to the primary object or the book, and is no longer displayed when the book is filtered.

Eliminate the link between a parent (1) and variant object (2) by using the Remove option.

Link Between Objects Broken

  1. Select a variant object in the folder object list.

  2. Go to Author > Variants > Remove.


    From the right-click menu, click Variants > Remove Variant Association.

    The objects no longer have an association with each other, and the variant is converted back to a standard object. You can use the standard object in relationship with other objects, such as books or topics, or you can assign different criteria.