View the variants in the object list

Object Variants

The variant columns in the Library Explorer display the variant criteria values assigned to an object. The Editor also displays these values.

Viewing variant columns in the object list

You can reorganize the variant columns in the object list to better suit your needs. Simply click the column header and drag it to a different location.

Right-click the header to access the column display options. The default display option for a new column is Auto (show if objects in this folder use this variant, otherwise hide the column). You can change this to show the column at all times, or to hide the column at all times. Settings are applied per user.

Column Header Options

Important: If the column doesn't appear in the object list after you first create new variant criteria or import variant objects, try closing and reopening your library to refresh the object list.

Variant column headings

The column headings for variants use the Display Name from the variant criteria window.

Display Name for Variants

Displaying variant values in the column

If the columns aren't wide enough to display all the values assigned to the object (for a single variant criteria), you can hover over the value to display a tooltip with the full set of values.

Tooltip for Variant Criteria Shown in Object List