Assign criteria to a standard or primary object

Object Variants

Assign variant criteria to a primary object or to a standard object, in order to tag the primary object with information on when it was introduced into your release cycle.

After you've assigned release values to the object, use filtering to include or exclude it from the published output.

To assign the criteria, use the Convert to Variant window, but ignore the option to make the object a variant of another object.

Note: This object is identified with the blue variant icon.

  • To assign variant criteria to an object:

  1. Open the Convert to Variant window by selecting the object in the Library Explorer object list:

    • Select Author > Variants > Convert on the ribbon.


    • Right-click and select Variant > Convert to Variant.

  2. In the Convert to Variant window:

    • Select the criteria you want to assign to the variant object in the Available Criteria list

    • Click the top arrow to add the value to the Associated Criteria list

    Criteria Assigned to an Object

  3. Click OK to save your changes.

    Save Criteria Assigned to an Object