Using variants in a search

Object Variants

Search for variant objects in Author by using the variant selector in the Search pane. Use the variant option to search the library for objects that have specific variant criteria values assigned.

Variant Option in Search

  1. Open the Search pane and click the ellipsis button in the Variant field.

  2. In the Variant window, select and add the criteria value. You can use one or more values when searching for variants.

    Important: When you use more than one value, the search will look for objects with all of the values assigned. If you do not find the variant object, try searching again, but this time use fewer values in the search. To do this, click the ellipsis button again and remove one or more values from the Variants window.

    Select Variant Value for Search

Note: Any variant values you choose while your current session is open appear in the drop-down list and can be used for any other searches.

Variant Selection Added to Variant Field