Priority rating in book filtering

Object Variants

The object of filtering is to display a variant that matches, or has the best match, for the values you've selected.

The Priority rating must bet assigned to all variant criteria.

The setting is used to solve possible conflicts when the filtering criteria values could return more than one result.

When a conflict occurs, the variant criteria with the highest rating will be used first. Based on this setting, one variant will be chosen over another variant.

Note: Priority 1 is higher than priority 2.

Priority Rating - Setting

Example 1:

The following example looks at the effect of the priority rating when solving conflicts with variants.

  • Variant 1 has State=NY assigned as the variant criteria value

  • Variant 2 has Release=1.2 assigned as the variant criteria value

The book filtering has State=NY and Release=1.2.

A conflict occurs because each topic matches one of the criteria values used in the filtering. The priority rating is used to resolve this conflict and give precedence to the variant criteria for State because it has a higher priority rating. In this case, Variant 1 is used.

The Variant Criteria values and priority rating

Variant criteria




State List of Values



Release List of Values


Example 2

The Content

The Acme Accessories book has a topic with a variant for State and a variant for Release (Pro-Tekt Case), and a variant with both values (Repair Kit).

Priority Rating Examples

Filtering results

When the book is filtered for State=NY and Release=1.2, the following variant objects are used in the book:

Filtered Book

The objects used in the book filtering

The following objects are used in the filtered book because they match the filtering values based on State having the highest priority rating.

  • Object 1379 is used because it is an exact match for the selected criteria values.

  • Object 1380 is used because it matches the criteria value with the highest priority rating, in this case the value for State.

Resolving the conflict

When the filter was set for State=NY and Release=1.2, a conflict was created for the Pro-Tekt Case topic.

This is because one variant has been created as State=NY, a second variant has been created as Release=1.2, and a third variant has been created as State=CA and Release=1.2.

The priority rating is used to solve this conflict. State has the highest priority rating, so it is given precedence in the filtered results.

  • Object 1382 State=NY and Release=1.2 is not used because although it has the correct Release value, it also has a different State value.

  • Object 1381 Release=1.2 is not used because, although it meets one criteria value, Release has a lower priority rating than State.

  • Object 1380 State=NY is used because although it only has one value, that value matches the criteria value with the highest priority rating. Based on the options, this is the best match.

Priority Rating Examples Conflict