Uses for embedded topics

Embedded topics

You can create embedded topics from multiple content fragments.

Embedding content

Standard ways of using embedded topics include:

Create once and reuse in many places:

Create the content, have it reviewed and approved, and then reuse the content multiple times across topics, books and departments. For example, approve a Standard Operating Procedure for answering telephone queries, and then use the content in every department's documentation across an entire organization.

Anticipate reuse and generalize the content:

Anticipate reuse and remove contextual data from the content so that it can be used in multiple contexts. Continuing the above example, ensure that the Standard Operating Procedure content makes no mention of department.

Split a body of information for modular reuse:

Split embedded content into multiple components and re-order the components for different purposes. For example, if a Standard Operating Procedure needs to differ slightly in the ordering of its steps across departments, create a topic for each step, and then embed these topics/steps in different order per department.