Create an embedded topic from selected text

Embedded topics

Embedded topics enable you to reuse text (either complete topics or selected fragments) and have the option to update all instances of the text throughout the library, simply by updating the content in the embedded topic.

As you work with your content, you'll identify text fragments that can be reused in the library as embedded topics. Simply select the text that you want to reuse, and then use the Create Embedded Topic option to create the new "source" topic and store it in your chosen folder.

Existing topics can quickly be split into a combination of standard text and embedded topics by using this method.

To create an embedded topic from selected text:

  1. Open the topic containing the text you want to convert into an embedded topic.
  2. Select the text that will be converted.
  3. Press ALT+ENTER on the keyboard to open the Create Embedded Topic window:


  4. Enter a Description. Select a Topic Template. Select the Folder where you want to store the new topic.
  5. Click OK. The window closes and Author-it creates the new topic containing just the selected text. In the topic you have open, the selected text is converted into embedded text (shaded gray).

Important: If your content starts or finishes with an image, you must also select a space next to the image. Do the following when selecting the content: When the selection starts with an image, include a space before the image. When the selection finishes in an image, include a space after the image. See also: Be precise with content selection.