Tables & embedded topics

Embedded topics

When creating tables, you can use embedded topics to add content to a cell, or use an embedded topic to add a row to a table.

  • To enable full editing options across the entire table (for example, Split Table, Insert Row, Insert Column, and so on), create a table in the container topic, then embed the portions of reused content as text strings into the cells.
  • If you have a table that is reused, and none of the content will change, create the table in a topic and embed that topic whenever you need the table. Note that if you update the table in the source, then all instances where it is used will be updated.
  • You can build a table in a container topic by using a selection of embedded table rows, or embedded and non-embedded table rows. The published output will match the layout in the topic.

The following topics look at behaviors related to embedded tables, creating tables from embedded rows, and separating embedded tables or rows.