Add container content between embedded topics

Embedded topics

When working with embedded content, we recommend that you have the paragraph markers turned on so that you can more easily identify characters, spaces, or paragraph markers at the edges of the embedded content. In the Editor, choose Edit > Format > Show Paragraph Markers.

Embedded content within a container topic is displayed with a gray background, and you cannot modify the embedded content. In certain circumstances, text protection will be applied across multiple embedded topics. This occurs when an embedded topic is directly followed by another embedded topic (that is, there is no container content between the embedded topics).

Container content is displayed with a white background, matching the topic background. Container content can be modified.

The following examples show embedded text strings within a paragraph, but also apply to embedded paragraphs that follow each other in the container topic.

Example: The paragraph includes container content between the embedded topics (even if the container content is a space)

Separated text blocks

Text protection is applied to the individual instances of embedded topics. You can modify the container content between the embedded objects.

Example: The paragraph includes two embedded topics without container content between them

Single text block

The paragraph cannot be modified by adding content between the embedded topics. Use the steps below if you need to add content between embedded topics.

Solution: Add container text between the embedded topics:

  1. Remove one of the embedded topics.
  2. Modify the container content as required.
  3. Re-embed the topic that you removed in step 1.