Edit an embedded topic

Embedded topics

You cannot edit an embedded topic within a container topic. However, it's easy to open and edit an embedded topic from within a container topic.

To edit an embedded topic:

  1. From inside any container topic that contains an embedded topic:
    • Double-click on any part of the embedded topic


    • Right-click on any part of the embedded topic and choose Open.

      The embedded topic opens in the Editor in a new window.

  2. Edit normally as for any topic.

    Note: Remain aware of all the places in which the topic is used (use View relationships), so that you don't make changes that are correct for some places where the embedded topic is used, but not others. If you need the embedded topic to be different in some places, you should duplicate and then revise the embedded topic.

  3. Save your changes and close the window. The changes are immediately reflected in all open container topics.