Using the publishing profile to exclude embedded topics

Embedded topics

In Author, you can use the publishing profile filters to exclude content from the published output using by any of the following criteria:

  • Selecting a specific topic
  • Selecting the release state applied to the topic
  • Selecting the folder containing the topic
  • Selecting a variable used by the topic (when assigned at object level, rather than content level)

When the book is published, any topics matching the rules are excluded from the output. The filters can also be used with embedded topics, but in this case you need to be aware of how the paragraph marker in the container topic is treated, especially when working with lists.

Excluding embedded topics that are used in a list

Let's look at a scenario in which a list is created from several embedded topics. The publishing profile will be used to exclude "embedded topic 2" from the published output. While this scenario describes a list, its rules are also applicable when excluding ordinary embedded paragraphs.

Sample 1: The first sample shows the list that was created by embedding three topics into the container topic. Each of the embedded topics creates an item in the bulleted list. The final item is text typed into the container topic. The list style is assigned to the paragraphs in the container topic.

The point to note in this example is the paragraph markers belong to the container topic (they are not included in the gray highlighting). When the topic is published and the second embedded topic is removed from the container topic the an empty paragraph will still appear in the topic and will be tagged with the list style. This is because the embedded text - and not the entire paragraph - has been is removed from the container topic.

Paragraph markers belong to the container topic

Published output with empty paragraph

Sample 2: The second sample shows the list in which the paragraph markers belong to the embedded topic rather than to the container topic. The list style is assigned to the paragraphs in the embedded topics.

When the paragraph markers are part of the embedded content (that is, they are included within the gray highlighting) the embedded content and its paragraph marker are removed from the published output. This method does not leave an empty paragraph marker in the published topic when an embedded paragraph is excluded.

Paragraph markers belong to embedded topics

Published output no empty paragraph

Making the paragraph marker part of the embedded topic

In the embedded topic, add an empty paragraph after the text. Assign the same list style to the empty paragraph. When the embedded topic is added to the container topic, the paragraph marker next to the text is shown as part of the embedded topic (see the first image in sample two). The empty paragraph marker is not displayed in the container topic.

Extra paragraph marker in topic