Embed a topic within another topic

Embedded topics

If you're creating a topic whose content differs only slightly from the content of another topic, you have these options:

  • Use an embedded topic for the common part of both topics.
    Do this when you want to be able to update both topics at once.
  • Copy the text from one topic into the other.
    Do this when you want to be able to update one topic without affecting the other.

To embed a topic:

  1. Open the container topic that you want to embed the content in.
  2. From the Library Explorer, Quick Search, or the book contents, select the source topic that you want to embed.
  3. Drag the source topic into position inside the container topic.

    A shortcut menu displays:


  4. Click Embed Topic.

    The contents of the source topic are embedded into the container topic with light gray highlighting. You cannot change the embedded text inside the container topic, but you can open the embedded text in the editor to make changes in the source file.

  5. Save your changes.