Embedding text strings & table rows

Embedded topics

When creating tables from embedded content, you can easily see if the content is an embedded text string or an embedded table row. Make sure you have the paragraph markers displayed so you can see the cell marker.

Embedded content table cell marker

  • When the row contains an embedded text string, the cell marker does not have a gray background, as shown in the first row. Paragraph style tagging can be applied to the content in the cell from the container topic. Character style tagging must still be applied in the embedded topic.

    Note: If you need to embed the same topic multiple times throughout the table, drag from the original topic for each copy, not from the embedded topic. Dragging the embedded topic to multiple cells will corrupt the table.

  • When the cell marker has a gray background, the table row and its content have been embedded, as shown in the second row. Modifications to the content or table row, including changes to paragraph and character style tagging and table borders, are made in the embedded topic.