Scenario: Embedded table followed by a list

Embedded topics

In this scenario there are two embedded topics - a table followed by a list.

When you are working with style tagging and tables, be aware of the following:

  • In Author, tables are always followed by a paragraph marker, and this paragraph marker "belongs" to the table. The style applied to the last cell in the table is also applied to the paragraph marker.
  • When a table is embedded, the style from the last cell is applied to the "following" paragraph marker in the container topic. When you add content at this point, the text will use the style applied to the paragraph marker.

    Table with following paragraph marker

  • When an embedded table is followed by an embedded topic, the style tagging in the embedded topic can be affected by the style applied in the embedded table. In the following example, the final list item in the embedded topic inherits the Table Body Text style used in the embedded table.

    Table followed by list