Separating embedded rows in new tables

Embedded topics

If you need to create separate tables in another topic by using embedded table rows, you can:

  • Add text between the embedded rows.
  • Add a non-breaking space between the embedded rows.

Lets look at the second option. If your topic requires an "empty" paragraph between embedded tables, add a non-breaking space to the paragraph marker between the embedded table rows.

Embedded topics

The table rows in the embedded topics are followed by single paragraph markers.

When the tables are embedded into the container topic the paragraph markers are "removed", enabling the rows to create a single table.

Extra paragraph markers in embedded topic

Container topic

The container topic now contains the tables created from the embedded rows.

In this example the two tables are separated by adding a non-breaking space (or you can add text) at the paragraph marker.

Embedded tables with non-breaking space

Using a space versus a "non-breaking space"

In the published output, the distance between table rows is handled differently by Word and HTML.

For example, when you use a paragraph that only contains a space, it gets treated as an empty paragraph.

When you publish to Word, normal line spacing will still be applied. However, in HTML the resulting p tag only inserts a "small" space between the table rows.

Using text or a non-breaking spaces ensures that you maintain the correct row spacing in all outputs.