Benefits of using embedded topics

Embedded topics

The key benefits of reusing content by embedding topics include:

More effective use of expertise:

The expertise within an organization is available for use by the entire organization, as even non-experts can reuse modular expert content within their own documentation.

Authors become managers of expert content:

Authors expand their capabilities and effectiveness by becoming content managers. By managing expert content rather than personally creating it, they optimize the expertise of the entire organization, they create documentation beyond their personal knowledge set, and they are freed from having to understand much of the content before using it.

Increased efficiency:

  • Content is created, checked, reviewed, approved and translated once, rather than multiple times.
  • Updating content is quicker than multiple updates, with fewer errors.
  • Authors save time by not having to search through their documents for multiple instances of the content.
  • Authors are certain that each instance of the information has actually updated.