Insert new table rows between existing embedded table rows

Embedded topics

When you are working in a container topic, Author-it rules prevent you from modifying the content of the embedded topic. When your cursor is inside the embedded content, the editing commands are disabled and the options on the Layout tab are not available. This is to ensure that the embedded topic is edited only at its source.

The following steps describe what to do if you already have a single table made up of multiple embedded rows from different sources, and need to split these to insert new rows.

To insert new table rows between existing embedded table rows:

  1. Open the container topic with the table.

    Table created from embedded rows

  2. Put the cursor in the row directly above the location where you want to split the table. Double-click to open the embedded topic for editing.
  3. In the embedded topic add extra paragraph markers under the row. Make sure there are a minimum of three paragraph markers. The first and second paragraph markers will be part of the embedded topic; the third paragraph marker will enable you to add content. Save the embedded topic.

    Add extra markers to embedded row

  4. In the container topic, add another paragraph marker after the third marker.

    Important: You must add the extra marker in the container topic so that you are not working directly below the paragraph markers that you added in step three. If you insert a new row at the third paragraph marker, your table will break when you save the topic and you will need to recreate the table.

    Splitting a table to insert a row

  5. Place your cursor against the paragraph marker added in step 4, and then insert a new row.
  6. Add the content to the row and apply the style tagging and table borders.

    Note: You can also embed a new row at this paragraph marker.

    Split table with new row inserted

  7. Delete the extra paragraph marker after the new row in the container topic, and save the changes.
  8. Open the embedded topic again and remove the final two paragraph markers that you had added. Save the embedded topic.

    The container topic is now updated with a row of text between the split tables.

    Split table completed with new row