The Magellan engine

Magellan user guide

The Magellan engine comprises a set of folders and files that are required to make a Magellan site work. Author-it copies all these folders and files to the publish folder when you publish a Magellan book.

Note: To see the default Magellan engine folders and files publish a Magellan book and view the publish folder in Files, or download and view locally.

The default Magellan engine folders and files provide the default site look and feel and operation. If you want to customize your site, for example, to use different colors, icons, table style, decide how the Table of Contents shows on site opening, etc., define a specific Magellan theme for each different look you require and add any of the customized files described in this section. You are prompted to choose the theme on book publish, and Author-it uses the theme files to extend or override the Magellan engine file.

Note: The default Magellan engine files are updated on most Author-it new releases. For this reason we advise against updating the engine files to customize your site rather than using a theme, as this would lead to a management task of identifying and merging changes after each release.