Magellan themes

Magellan user guide

The look and feel of Magellan, as well as certain behaviour, is controlled by its themes. You can create and customize these themes, then select one when you publish a Magellan website. Multiple themes makes it possible to have multiple websites, each with their own look and feel.

To customize or create a theme, create a sub-folder inside the Magellan themes folder, then add a customized theme files to it.

The Magellan themes folders contain the following:

  • A CSS folder. This folder contains the CSS files for the theme. These are the main files that customize the appearance of Magellan.

  • An Images folder. This folder contains specific image assets for the Magellan website, such as its logo.

  • A Themeconfig.JSON file. This file switches parts of the website on or off, and controls specific website behaviors, such as whether clicking an image shows an expanded view.

  • A Logo image file. This is the file for the website's loading rotator logo.