Add a footer to a Magellan landing page

Magellan user guide

A Landing Page must contain a Landing Page Footer. It comprises:

  • The Page Footer topic.

    This topic should remain empty.

  • Sub-topics for each item in the footer. If you don`t want footer links, do not include these topics.

    These topics can contain text or a single hyperlink, but not images. The topic heading becomes the footer link. The target of a hyperlink can be to any page or object inside or outside the generated site. When you click on a footer link, the topic content opens in the main window, or a new browser window if an external link to a webpage.

  • To set up the landing page footer:

  1. In the Magellan book, create a new topic based on the [PageFooter] template, as follows:

    • Right-click in the book contents.

    • Select: New > Topic > Magellan Template > [PageFooter].

      Note: This is just one way of creating a new topic. Use whichever method you prefer.

  2. Use the green arrows on the book contents toolbar to adjust its position to below the Landing Page topic, and as a sub-topic.

    Do not add any content to this topic. It will not appear on the landing page.

  3. For each required footer item do one of the following:

    • Drag-and-drop an existing topic into the footer section.

    • Create a new topic based on any template and enter content.

    All of these footer item topics must contain only text (no images or links within the text), or a single hyperlink to another topic in the book or a webpage.

  4. Use the green arrows to place the topics as sub-topics of the Page Footer.

  5. Add more topics in the same way for each footer item.