Magellan website configuration popup

Magellan user guide

Use these configuration settings to toggle Menu, Widget and Branding components on the site ON or OFF by clicking the switches. The components that appear on the menu, the default setting and whether you are able to change the setting are all configured in the site configuration.

Some settings may not appear on your menu because they have been disabled for your site.

The page reacts immediately when you turn an item ON or OFF, so you can see what you are doing in real time.


Hamburger Menu

Hides/shows the Hamburger icon in the toolbar and TOC/Index/Glossary in the navigation menu.

Section Menu

Hides/shows the Widget section menu on the right.



Hides/shows each widget in the widget section menu on the right.

Hides/shows the Glossary, Index or TOC tabs in the navigation menu.


Branding - Logo

Hides/shows the Logo.

Branding - Header

Hides/shows the Navigation bar across the top of the site.

Reset Configuration

Resets the configuration to the default.