Insert a video or audio file

Magellan user guide

  • To insert a video or audio file:

  1. Upload the file to Files.

  2. In a topic, click on the Insert picture object button in the toolbar.

    Insert picture object

  3. In the new file object, open the Web tab.

    Import video

    Note: Inserting a video or an audio file only works for online publications.

  4. Select the type of file that you want to insert from the Source type dropdown box.

    Choose from mp4, webm or ogg for a video file or mp3, wav or ogg for an audio file.

    You can also choose to embed a youtube or vimeo video.

  5. Enter the location and file in the Directory and Filename fields.

  6. The tabs at the bottom allow you to set additional layout and display options:

    Size and Spacing

    Allows you to separately set:

    • the width and the height of the video

    • the spacing around the video

    Image Options

    Not applicable for video or audio files

    Media options

    Set here if you want:

    • the video or audio file to start automatically

    • to display the video or audio controls

    • the video or audio file to loop (repeat) continuously

    • to mute the audio

    Linked HTML

    Not applicable for video or audio files