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Use the Help option to display a help popup for the toolbar options.

The json file for this help text is in the \assets\resources\<language> folder in the Magellan engine.

Don't modify the Magellan engine json file. Instead, add a copy of the file to <your theme name>\assets\resources\<language> folder and make changes. The theme file is used on book publish.

Each language json file must be updated separately, using the same process.

  • To update the help content:

  1. Locate the appropriate language json text file in the \assets\resources folder\<language> folder in the Magellan engine.

  2. Place a copy of it into <your theme name>\assets\resources\<language> folder.

  3. Open the file.

  4. Locate the "help" section.

  5. The first element is the name of the displayed help popup. Enter a new name on the right:

    "help": "Enter the help popup name here"

  6. All the other elements in this "help" section are the help popup item heading and the item description. Change the current heading or description on the right side of each element. For example:

    "hambuger_menu": "Enter the preferred heading for this hamburger menu help here"

    "hambuger_description": "Enter your description here"

    You can remove the item from the help popup by leaving the heading and description fields blank.