Define a new Magellan landing page

Magellan user guide

The first topic in the book must be the landing page. A whole landing page section is built using particular topic templates, to add the:

  • Landing Page rotator topics.

  • Landing Page content topics.

  • Landing Page footer topics.

These can be placed in any order within the landing page section in the book, but they always appear in the order above on the published site. For example, a landing page section in a Magellan book typically appears as:

Your book template may already include these topics, so they are added on book creation. If not, use the following topics to create them.

  • To set up a landing page:

  1. In the Magellan book, create a new topic based on the [LandingPage] template.

  2. Adjust the position of the topic to be below the Magellan Table of Contents.

    The Landing page topic must be at the top level of the book structure.