Create a Magellan site

Magellan user guide

Each Magellan site is a book based on a specifically-configured Magellan book template.

  1. In Author, create a book based on the Magellan Help Center template.

    The name of your Magellan template may be different.

  2. In the Book Title field, enter the Magellan site name.

  3. Leave all the settings as they are and click Next.

  4. If present, choose values for the listed variables for this book.

  5. Click Create New Book.

    The book is created and opens.

  6. Add a landing page topic to the book, if required.

  7. Add rotator tiles to the landing page.

    Caution: The book for your Magellan site must contain a topic based on the [LandingPageRotator] template. Removing this topic will cause your content tiles to be empty. If you don't want a landing page rotator, remove all topics that are a level below the [LandingPageRotator] topic.

  8. Add content tiles to the landing page.

  9. Create a footer for the landing page.

  10. Add content to the site by placing topics and sub-books after the landing page section.

    These could be new topics and sub-books, or by dragging-and-dropping existing topics and sub-books into the book.