Hypertext Links Tab

Author-it Objects

The Hypertext Links tab contains a relationship to one or more topics and/or Internet URLs. Any topic that uses this hyperlink in its text will have links created to these locations in the published output.

Hypertext Link - Hypertext Links Tab

Internal object Links List

Specifies a list of additional files required to support the Linked Coded HTML file. These can be any files that are referenced by the linked HTML file, such as a graphic. Author-it copies all files specified to the publishing folder when publishing HTML based outputs. An error is displayed if any of these files cannot be found. Relative or fixed paths are supported.

Synchronize Anchor Text with Target Topic

Selecting this option enables the anchor text for a hyperlink to automatically synchronize to the heading of the target topic. This option is used with topic-to-topic links (that is, topics used in the Internal object links list).

When this option is selected, if the target topic's heading is changed the anchor text used for the hyperlink is also updated.


  • This option should only be used when the hyperlink anchor text is meant to synchronize with the topic's heading.
  • Avoid using this option when you want your anchor text to be different from the topic's heading.

    If you apply a hyperlink [that has this option selected] to anchor text that should not match the topic's heading when you save and reopen the topic containing the anchor text you'll see the anchor text has been updated and now matches the topic's heading. For example, if you want your anchor text to say "Read More" and your topic heading is "Plugin Settings" then do not use a hyperlink object with this setting applied.

  • This option is applied when the Hyperlink object uses a single target topic.
  • This option is not applied when the target is a URL, or when publishing to the Windows Help format.

Internet URLs List

This is a list of all the Internet URLs that this hypertext link will create links to in the published output. This list contains two columns:

  • URL: this is the actual URL of the external link
  • Description: a descriptive name for the URL (displayed when the cursor hovers over the link in the published output)

Add URL Button

Use this button to add a new Internet URL. When you click this button a new URL is created with the default URL of "http://www." You can change this to any valid URL including http, ftp, mailto, https, and so on.

Remove URL Button

Use this button to remove an existing URL. Choose the URL from the Internet URL List and then choose this button to remove the URL.