Map sub folders

Migrating to Author-it Cloud

Example 2: Some template folders have been moved to different locations and need to be moved back to a single parent folder for the Templates

Scenario: Over time your external templates have been moved to several locations - some in your Templates folder and some outside of your Templates folder.

For Author-it Cloud you want to move all files back to your Templates folder.

In this example the Plain HTML and Presentation templates, and the Web Help and Word templates have been moved to locations outside of the main Templates folder.

CMT Move Templates to Correct Location

Action: In this case you create entries to map the Templates sub folders.

  1. Create an entry in the Templates section for the first templates sub folder. In the Current Folder column, add the path to the first sub folder. Then in the Author-it Cloud Folder column add the name of the sub folder.
  2. Repeat the action for each sub folder for your templates.

    Mapping Sub Folders

  3. Make sure the Copy All check box is selected.

Important: In this step you create one mapped entry per sub folder, not one entry per file. This is because if you are moving all content in a sub folder you only need to map the sub folder.