Upload the zip files

Migrating to Author-it Cloud

You'll be asked to upload the zip files for your Templates and Resources and the zipped copy of your database backup. You'll upload the zip files to Author-it Cloud using Files.

CMT Upload Zipped Folders to Files

Your database backup file

To restore your library in Author-it Cloud we need the backup of your database. After you upload your database backup, ASC | Author-it Software Co. personnel will prepare the library for your Author-it Cloud account.

Naming requirements in Files

If you have any files in your Resources or Templates folders on Author-it Cloud that you no longer need, and do not want for your Author-it Cloud account with your production library, you can delete the files before uploading your Resources and Templates folders.

Note: When using Files, each file needs a unique name, and Files does not support overwriting files.

To upload the files:

  1. Click Files in Author-it Cloud Portal.
  2. In the Files screen select the folder you are going to upload your files into, for example, Resources or Templates, then click Upload to open the Upload window.

    Select Folder in Files

  3. In the Upload window click Select Files.

    Select Files

  4. Browse to the zip files and select each file to add to the Upload window. Click Upload to start the uploading process.

    Upload Files