Map files or folders with the same name

Migrating to Author-it Cloud

Example 4: Some template files with the same name need to be moved to Author-it Cloud. The files have the same name but the content or settings are different. This example describes files but can also be applied to sub folders.

Scenario: Several Word templates have been moved to other locations outside of the Word templates folder.

The templates have the same name, but there are differences in the files. The library uses both files.

For Author-it Cloud you want to move all files back to your Templates folder but store them in different sub folders to ensure one file does not overwrite the other file.

CMT Move Files to Different Sub Folders

Action: To make sure the template files both move to Author-it Cloud, map both files to different sub folders. In this example, one template maps to the Word Templates sub folder and the other template maps to the Word Templates 2 sub folder.

Mapping Files with the Same Name