Mapping external files

Migrating to Author-it Cloud

In your current on-premises installation, external files may be stored in your Data folder or they may be stored in other folders or locations on your network or on individual computers.

As part of the migration you'll move these external files to Author-it Cloud. Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit remaps the object's paths for the external files used by your library, and copies the files to the new Templates and Resources folders for Author-it Cloud.

External Folders from OP to Cloud

Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit does the following:

  1. Opens the database copy (ensure you use a copy and not your original)
  2. Identifies external files used by the objects
  3. Provides a screen for you to map file paths to folders for Author-it Cloud

    Note: All files, including "missing" files and folders, must be mapped to a destination folder before continuing the process.

  4. Creates folders and copies the external files to the folders (and packages the new copies of your folders and files for Author-it Cloud)
  5. Updates the database with any changed or updated path mapping information.


The person conducting the migration must have a minimum of Read permissions to all the folders where the external files needed for the migration are located so the files can be copied, and Read and Write permissions to the Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit folder. When Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit is run on the library, copies of the external files are added to the Resources or Templates folders in the Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit folder.

The output files from the Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit process

When you run Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit, two zip files are created and stored in the same folder that you are using to run Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit application. They are a file and a file; each file will have a hierarchy of sub folders containing your mapped external files. These files will be uploaded with a copy of your database for working in Author-it Cloud.

Empty folders

If any of your mapped folders contain empty sub folders, then the empty sub folders will also be copied to the zip file for Author-it Cloud. The empty sub folders are copied in case they are referenced by any objects in the library or any templates or external files.