Error Messages and Solutions for Incorrect Mappings

Migrating to Author-it Cloud

The following error messages are shown for any incorrect mappings. Use the solutions to correct the issues.

  • "Current folder is not set for row": remove any empty rows from the Templates or Resources sections.
  • "Current folder paths entered are not distinct or contain overlapping paths": both of these issues relate to the path in the Current Folder column.
    • Not distinct - remove any duplicated folder paths from the Current Folder column in the Templates or Resources sections.
    • Overlapping paths refers to a path pointing to a "parent" folder and another path points to a sub folder within that parent folder. For example, C:\myfolder\pictures overlaps C:\myfolder. In this case remove the mapping for the sub folder. The sub folder and files will be included with the "parent" folder's mapping.
  • "Destination folder must be unique within a table": occurs when you have two unique paths in the Current Folder column pointing to the same Cloud Folder. Each Current Folder path must have a unique destination folder. Map the path to a different Cloud Folder.
  • "Plain HTML folders cannot be found. This may cause publishing problems if not included in the mapping.": ensure you have a sub folder named Plain HTML in your Templates folder (the folder can be empty if you do not publish to the HTML or Web Help).

If you find a mapped path is not removed from the Unmapped Paths when you refer the list then check the path you've added under the Current Folder column. Check for any missing characters or extra characters in any part of the path, or any other differences between the actual path and the path in the field.