Migration procedure requirements

Migrating to Author-it Cloud

When the folders have been uploaded to your Company Share folder for your account on Author-it Cloud, and the library is ready, you will be advised to proceed with the User import. This procedure imports users from the on-premises database and automatically sets them up with a user name and a temporary password.

User details

In Author-it Cloud each user needs an email address so they can log in it Author-it Cloud and receive notifications for publishing and reviews. Because it is a shared environment, each user must have a unique email address.

Users who exist in library, but are no longer needed, do not need to be imported. 

Requirements for importing users

  • This procedure is only possible once you have an Author-it Cloud Account and your library is uploaded and configured in Author-it Cloud. Please wait for confirmation from ASC | Author-it Software Co. before you start this import procedure.
  • Only a user with Client Administrator rights can see the Import Users button that initiates the import.
  • User email addresses must be unique within Author-it Cloud.

During the user import

As an Administrator, start the import process then check and modify the user details as needed before completing the import.

  • The User accounts will be created for Author-it Cloud users that are present in the uploaded database, with the exception of (supervisor). The library's (supervisor) account will be mapped to your Author-it Cloud Client Administrator account.
  • The User accounts will only be created for users where there is a first name, last name, and email field. If any of this information is missing you can manually complete the required fields in the Import Users screen.
  • You'll receive a message if there are any duplicate accounts. These are user accounts that exist in both the library to be imported and your Author-it Cloud trial account. This occurs if a user has already been set up with access to your trial account in Author-it Cloud. Select which user to import.
  • If any users belong to the wrong domain you will have the option to change their details.
  • Use the Make a Cloud User check box to specify which users to make Author-it Cloud users and which to ignore. For example, any user accounts that exist in the library but are no longer needed will not have the Make a Cloud User check box selected.
  • All groups in the uploaded database are retained.
  • The user's status is initially set to Inactive; this is to ensure that you do not exceed your license limits as you import the users. You'll then make the users Active where applicable.
  • Once you've completed the import send a Welcome email to the users with the instructions for changing their passwords.