Map an entire folder

Migrating to Author-it Cloud

Example 1: All template files are in the correct sub folders, so map the base Templates folder only

Scenario: All of your template files are in the correct sub folders inside your Templates folder; you want to move all files and folders as they are to Author-it Cloud.

In this example you have checked all of your publishing templates and files and they are in the correct template sub folders. You want to copy the files and folder structure for the templates as it is used in your on-premises installation.

Existing Folder Structure

Action: In this case the mapping is simple.

  • You only need to add the path to your Templates folder in the Current Folder column, then leave the <AITCLD Folder column empty. Make sure the Copy All check box is selected to include all sub folders and files currently located in your on-premises Templates folder.

    Mapping the Entire Templates Folder

As a result, all sub folders are mapped under your Templates folder, and the folder structure and files are maintained using the current structure.

Important: In this step you create one mapped entry per folder, not one entry per file. This is because if you are moving all content in a folder you only need to map the folder.