Modifying locations by moving files or changing filepaths

Migrating to Author-it Cloud

You have several options for working with external files and your folder structure for your migration.

  • You can recreate your current folder structure in Author-it Cloud


  • You can modify your current folder structure for Author-it Cloud

Note: You'll need to have access to all of the files that you want to migrate, so you may want to move any files stored off the network or on individual computers prior to starting the migration.

There are different actions involved in making changes to the paths in objects in the library by mapping locations and the moving the actual files between folders.

Moving files used by the library

Prior to moving to Author-it Cloud you may decide to change the current locations of files and folders used by your library. For example, some files you need are located outside of the network and you want them to be available for the migration. If you move any files or folders to a different location you'll also need to update your library by changing the folder paths in the affected objects. This is to ensure your objects can link to your external files before you run Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit. If your paths are inherited from your object templates in the library you can quickly make your modifications to the affected objects. You can then go ahead and run Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit.

Changing file mapping paths

You can change the paths for folders for your external files when you are mapping the folders and files in Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit.

You can run Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit on a new copy of the library again if you decide you want to change the current location of the files referenced by the library by mapping them to different folders. To do this you'll need to delete any zipped files and run Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit on the library again and change the mapping.

  • For SQL: back up the library after the changes, restore the back up and rename it, and run the tool on this revised library.
  • For Jet: run Author-it Cloud Migration Toolkit on the revised library.